Our Services

Our consulting services cover the entire of agriculture and rural development including the various sectors and sub-sectors. The services can be classified into the following:

  • Capacity building of farmers through Trainings, Demonstrations, Inspections, Certification etc.
  • To create awareness about chemical free foods among the farmers.
  • Provide unique ID and Barcodes to the farmers for traceability record management.
  • Web based traceability management for organic production.
  • ICS management.
  • On-farm Input management (Compost, Vermi-Compost, Vermi-wash, NADEP, CPP etc).
  • Supply of organic certified Bio-fertilizers and Bio-pesticides.
  • Soil Sampling & Testing.
  • To improve the soil health for sustainable production.
  • To improve the skill of farmers for adoption of Organic Farming.
  • To channelize the certifying agency and maintain the traceability of the farm.
  • Marketing management of organic Horticultural and Agricultural produce.