Shri Ram Agro Innovatives

Shri Ram Agro Innovatives is a unit of Shri Ram Solvent Extractions Pvt. Ltd. Shri Ram Solvent Extractions Pvt. Ltd is a leading Company for the preparation and processing of Neem kernel since 25 years having present annual turnover of $ 3 million. It is a first Bio-technology Company having mass production facility of Bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizers in the country. It has its own DSIR approved well equipped biotechnology laboratory in Jaspur, Uttarakhand. The company has four registered trademarks of Neem Products and is exporter of Neem cake and Neem Oil to Japan and South Africa. The company has employed a team of dedicated professionals drawn from various fields to deliver a unique blend of expertise, knowledge and heads on implementation skills. The company has further committed itself to create Project Offices in various parts of India as extension to the core.
Realizing the importance of Organic farming, Sri Ram Solvent Extractions Pvt. Ltd. has established a company named Shri Ram Agro Innovatives in September 2010 for the development of sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture system in the country.
Shri Ram Agro Innovatives has been incorporated in India with the objective of implementing state-of-the-art electronically managed Organic Farming Systems to help and facilitate the farming and trading communities to become compatible in compliance with the international legal, mandatory and recommendatory requirements standardized for that product.
The Company has set up with a well equipped office in Delhi powering all round services to the agriculture and allied sectors locally and globally. The Company has established its credibility helping and facilitating the farming and trading communities to make them viably compatible with the legal, mandatory and recommendatory requirement of internal market and providing opportunities for the long term interactions between consumers and producers across the globe and thereby sustaining the produce competitiveness in the open market.
Organization is committed to promote environmentally sound production of food and the preservation of natural resources, improvement of the soil quality and health through organic and sustainable farming practices. The Company intends to promote organic farming in the country by proper input supply of Bio-pesticide and Bio-fertilizers to the farmers.
The Company has taken up Organic farming and certification to address the issues of food safety, eco-friendly cultivation, reduction in cost of cultivation, quality assurance, remunerative domestic and export marketing and production of system sustainable.
Being an agricultural knowledge management company, it has a strong work force of agricultural professionals including agricultural Graduates / Post Graduates with Doctorates and experts in Organic Farming. The company has its own expertise in Agricultural Policy Formulation and Project Development, e-Traceability based Organic Production, Certification and Market Intelligence. The area of interest include sustainable farm development , crop production Optimization, improved livestock production, produce management including storage, marketing and supply chain network and export management including quality production and Certification and Market development. We strive to be the best at what we do, both internally and externally, and are constantly changing to meet customer needs and expectations.
In order to facilitate quality revolution and higher price realization, the company advances survey and analysis of impost commodities and prepare market intelligence report for export of a large number of commodities